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Have you ever taken a stroll through a cemetery, reading the gravestones’ inscriptions and admiring the design? Have you had the feeling that you are in a sacred place and that each of the souls interred here has a unique story to tell?
The fact that they are a part of someone’s heritage is what matters most. They had an impact on our history. In some way, the person you are reading about made their mark on society.
This is essentially the beauty and significance of a cemetery. Your loved one’s burial plot and plaque will join this revered custom of remembering the deceased in order to acknowledge that their existence on earth was meaningful in some respects.
We are here to guide you through every step of this burial journey.

Burial Options

Lawn Burial

A lawn grave offers a neatly mowed area where individual memorials are placed on the grave, either flush to the surface or on a concrete or granite ledger, in lieu of a more obtrusive headstone.

Monumental Burial

A traditional option is a monumental gravesite. Monumental graves are usually constructed out of marble, granite, stone, or concrete.
It is advised that you work with a certified monumental mason to create the headstone’s design and construction. By providing information about your loved one, they will be able to design a custom headstone that suitably honours them.

Vaults, Mausoleums & Crypts

Typically you might select vaults, mauseoleums, and crypts because of your heritage, either cultural or religious.⁠⁠⁠⁠
When choosing a vault, after embalming your loved one is placed inside the coffin or casket in a metal sealed liner. A copper tray supports the coffin or casket in the grave. Then your monumental mason closes the vault.
Mausoleums and crypts are family chapels which house the coffins or caskets of your deceased family members.

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