Cherish Funerals


  Service Options Cremations Direct:   Cremations Direct Non Attendance Cremation Service: Professional Service Fee $0,700:00 Cremation Coffin $0,130:00 Cremation Fee $0,525:00 Cremation Permit – Form 4 $0,066:00 Death Certificate (B D & M) $0,049:00 Total $1,470:00   No provision is made for a funeral service or attendance of mourners at any point of the funeral. The Funeral Director will arrange for the private cremation of the deceased. Many families select this option with a “Memorial Service” held after the cremation takes place. The cremated remains may or may not be present at the memorial service. Non Attended Cremation Service includes the following: #.Funeral Arrangement Conference either in the comfort of your home or at our office. #.Transfer of the deceased during normal office hours. #.Cremation Permit. #. Cremation Coffin. #. Death Certificate from Births, Deaths & Marriages. #. Five Certified Copies Of The Original Death Certificate. #. Delivery of the Cremated Remains Back To The Family. #. Memorial Notice On Our Web Site Options Available: #. Viewing of the deceased prior to the cremation – $275:00 #. Death notice in the Courier Mail – $320:00 #. Cremation Urn – POA #. Transfer of the deceased after hours – $250:00             Cremations Direct Memorial Service: The Funeral Director can have as much or as little input into the memorial service that you arrange. We at Cremations Direct believe that it is important that the service reflect your wishes and that of the deceased, therefore we will assist you to arrange the memorial service after the cremation has taken place. Planning a memorial service requires several decisions to be made. The location of the service. The type of service, religious or non religious. Attendees, who will you be inviting. Details, music, food, readings and flowers Options Available: Clergy or Celebrant (if required) $0,330:00 #. Memorial Book for attendees to sign $0, 050.00 #. Catering POA #. Memorial Notice On Our Web Site No Charge #. Reflection DVD (done by Cremations Direct Staff) No Charge #. Place of Service – Depending on where it is held there may be no charge #.Memorial Arrangement Conference in the comfort of your home. Options Available: #. Death notice in the Courier Mail – $320:00 #. Cremation Urn – POA #. Memorial Notice on our web site No Charge                     Cremations Direct Double Venue Service: Professional Service Fee $1,885.00 Coffin (from) $0,505.00 Cremation Fee (including Chapel Hire) $0,810.00 Form 4 (GMO) $0,066.00 Death Certificate (BD&M) $0,047.00 Clergy or Celebrant $0,330.00 Total Estimate $3.643.00 Options to consider #. Orders of Service (4 page full colour) $ 2.00 each #. Memorial Book for mourners to sign $ 55.00 each #. Memorial Candles $ 22.00 each #. Paper Notice (Courier Mail) $285.00 #. Viewing No Charge #. Memorial DVD (Done by Cremations Direct Staff) No Charge #. Recording of Service (if facilities available) No Charge #. Cremation Urn POA #. Transfer of the deceased 24/7 No Charge #. Floral Tribute. Roses, Mixed Seasonal, Natives or Carnations $220.00       Cremations Direct Repatriation Service: Cremations Direct is one of Queensland’s leaders in intrastate, interstate and international repatriations; our formally qualified staff ensures the highest level of professional service to our client families. The cost of repatriation can be expensive; however the cost is sometimes covered by travel insurance. Cremations Direct is committed to containing costs for our client families. Cremations Direct will liaise with all relevant state and federal government departments as well as any consular representatives on your behalf keeping you informed at every step. Please do not hesitate to contact us 24/7 via email or phone with any questions you have regarding the repatriation process.