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October 15, 2016

Dogs Grieve Too

Dogs grieve too. We had the absolute honour of meeting Stanley last week. He came into our funeral home to say a final farewell to his owner. The two have been together since Stanley was a little pup. The owner’s granddaughter brought Stanley in. He had been fretting at home and she thought that it might just help. So, you see, dogs grieve too. It is a new experience for Cherish Funerals to offer comfort and support to an animal who is so completely and utterly devoted to his master. This poor boy was grieving and it is our role as funeral directors to offer our condolences and support in the best way possible. Stanley propped himself up on the couch by the coffin and stayed there for a good half hour. We don’t know how much he was taking in and what was going on for him. We do know that Stanley was afforded the opportunity to grieve and to say his goodbyes. Stanley is such a sweet old boy and received a good deal of attention and affection from the team here at Cherish Funerals, who just happen to all adore animals. Stanley is quite the charmer also. He received lots of pats, hugs and a bowl of water just in case he was thirsty. We hope that in some small way we made a difference by affording Stanley the opportunity and permission to express his grief in the loss of his life time friend and companion. We know that because of the passing of Stanley’s owner, life will not be the same for him. Not only does Stanley need to adjust to not having his owner around anymore, he needs to adjust to the fact that he is moving into a new home and a new environment with his owner’s granddaughter. Dogs grieve too and this old boy has been given the right to grieve his loss. We do know that Stanley is very much loved and will be well cared for and spoilt as he enters his senior years. And when Stanley’s turn comes to be reunited with his companion and owner, he too will be cremated. His owner’s wishes were that they be together, so Stanley ashes will be placed in the same urn as his master. Until that time, we at Cherish Funerals wish Stanley all our love.