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October 25, 2016

Dove Release for a Funeral

Dove Release for a Funeral

Why provide a dove release for a funeral or memorial service? Sometimes we need to be given permission to focus on the simplistic beauty of nature. The white dove is a symbol of peace. Cherish Funerals conduct these symbolic dove releases for you as a family. You can have the opportunity to cradle the dove in your hands. You then release the dove heavenward as it flies away to embark on a new journey. The release of white doves at a funeral or memorial ceremony provide an act of comfort to all as the doves make their way heavenward. Doves represent peace.

Often, upon releasing the doves we read a heartfelt poem as the birds begin their journey homeward. This can be read out by one of your family, a close friend or the celebrant presiding over your ceremony.

Poem Dove Release for a Funeral

On the wings of this dove Your spirit flies free As it makes it’s way homeward In the heavens to be Your spirit is now soaring Far from the troubles of this life Where there is no pain or sorrow No more suffering or strife. And though we’ll miss you dearly We are thankful for your love And for the time we shared with you Down here upon this earth We miss you but we send you On the wings of a pure white dove To be reunited in heaven May you be wrapped in love. ©Esther Swanborough 2016

And so, as you say “Till We Meet Again” to this person who meant so much to you in life and in death, may you be comforted by a tangible symbol of peace and love and you let go of this bird of peace as it makes the journey home to that place beyond the sky. If you would like to organise a dove release for your loved one. Feel free to book this with your funeral planner at Cherish Funerals.