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Funeral Industry Code of Conduct

 Queensland Only

Planning the funeral of a loved one is a sensitive and emotional time for everyone involved. Families can be under intense pressure after the death of a loved one and may not have the capacity or time to carefully consider the range of funeral services, providers or prices which are available. When the time comes, it is important for families to make an informed decision. Like all businesses in Australia, the funeral service industry must comply with the Australian Consumer Law (ACL). Introduced in 2011, the purpose of the ACL is to give consumers the same rights and protections across Australia, reduce business compliance burdens with a single national law and create consistent enforcement powers for consumer protection agencies. If consumer rights and obligations are not upheld within the funeral services industry, further distress can be brought to consumers who are already in an emotional situation. In order to reduce potential distress to consumers and encourage businesses in the industry to adopt a joint benchmark of high quality, the Queensland Government and the Queensland Funeral Industry Reference Group have developed a voluntary Code of Conduct. The voluntary Queensland Funeral Industry Code of Conduct aims to achieve the following outcomes:
  • Clients make informed decisions about funeral services.
  • Individuals, communities, industry and the Queensland Government have a shared understanding of funeral service best practices.
  • Individuals, communities, industry and the Queensland Government have an understanding of their rights and responsibilities in relation to funeral service best practices.
  • Industry provides a professional and informative environment for the delivery of funeral services.
  • Harm from unethical funeral service providers to individuals and the broader community is minimised.
  This business is a proud signatory to the Queensland Funeral Industry Code of Conduct. You can view the code here.