Cherish Funerals

Kim Normand

Compassionate support to plan and
conduct personalised funerals

My Story

My Dad died when I was 9 years old. The yearning I felt to say goodbye to Dad with love and warmth has never left me. Instead, it started me on a quest to find out what other people did when their fathers died, why we didn’t talk about it and whether it could be a better experience than mine.

As I grew up, I took every opportunity to listen to others and read stories about what people did when someone close to them died, and I observed funerals whenever I could. It struck me that, like my mother, many people were simply overwhelmed and unable to organise the kind of personalised funeral that they would have liked. I developed a keen interest in how that could be done.

After studying law, I worked my way through the corporate world into senior management roles, relocating to Mozambique, Europe and South East Asia. I loved planning and implementing projects to successful completion and I especially loved working with people from different cultures and religions. My fascination with dealing with death increased further as I witnessed how even the poorest people honoured their loved ones and showed respect with a good funeral.

Through my work and travels, I learned that while grief is a universal feeling, the process of dealing with it varies from place to place. I saw that some cultures have a more open relationship with death than mine does – some talk freely about death from a young age and embrace the concepts of ageing and dying.

When my job sent me to work in Australia, I discovered beautiful Queensland and knew immediately that this was where I wanted to stay forever and where I could become a Funeral Director and realise my dream of using the learning I’ve acquired to make a unique contribution.

How my story benefits you.

1. I understand that those who are grieving a recent death may be overwhelmed by the processes confronting them and are particularly vulnerable.

I will ensure that they are not disempowered but use the trust put in me to guide them through what needs to be done and assist with making the best possible decisions.

2. I have observed that a funeral is an important opportunity to share stories and involve family members and friends to commemorate and close off a life that was dear to them.

I will assist to creatively personalise each funeral whether through eulogy, music, video or other media.

3. I have seen that healthy discussions of ageing and death provide useful preparation for when it happens.

I will gladly facilitate open discussions about death and how to plan for it.

4. I still carry the memory of my father’s funeral.

I am committed to making sure that the essence of every funeral in which I participate will be a warm, compassionate alignment of with the needs and beliefs of those I am assisting.

Please contact us if we can assist you in any way.