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May 21, 2022

Memorial Celebrant

Kim – Your Cherish Funerals Memorial Service Celebrant.

Kim, your funeral celebrant is able to conduct services to accommodate all walks of life. She provides meaningful and compassionate memorial celebrant services, tailored to your loved one, to celebrate their unique life.

Kim is confident in conducting Memorial Services, Ashes Scattering or Placement Ceremonies, wherever you choose to hold the Ceremony.

Memorial Services can be religious, spiritual, traditional or alternative, depending on your requirements. The loss of a loved one is never easy, so Kim is happy to create an uplifting memory with you.

How to Create a Unique Memorial Service

The purpose of a Memorial Service to reflect the unique personality of the person whose life we are remembering. It is an opportunity to say goodbye in a way that brings healing to those gathered.

Here are some ideas on how to make this special day reflect the essence of your special person:

  • Setting up a memorial table to place personal items such as photographs and trinkets
  • Lighting candles to remember the light your loved one brought into your life
  • Releasing doves or butterflies as a symbol of your loved one passing into the ever after
  • Flowers

Remembering their Life Journey

This is the most important part of a Memorial Service. Its the time when we share our memories of the person’s life we are celebrating. This is traditionally referred to as a Eulogy and comes from the Greek work meaning to bless another. We celebrate from the dawning of their birth to the fullness of their years, from the earliest remembrances of their childhood to their most recent experiences. We share the stories of the highlights of their life, their achievements, their goals and their dreams. Kim, a family member of a friend can read the Eulogy.

This is also a time when personal tributes can be shared so other family members or friends can up to share a story, a memory, a reading or poem. This is a beautiful way of capturing the essence of the life of the person whose life we are remembering.

In line with our Cherish Funerals core values of providing affordable care, fees are very affordable.

Memorial Celebrant Service or Ashes Placement/Scattering Ceremony Fee

Celebrant Fees
  • Sunshine Coast     $485.00

The Celebrant Service your will receive also includes:

  • Meeting in person or via the phone to plan your special service
  • Keeping you informed every step of the way
  • Conducting the memorial service or ashes placement/scattering ceremony

To book celebrant services simply contact Cherish Funerals on our 24 hour care line 1300 854 363

or for more information on our memorial service options and pricing please see this link Memorial Service – Cherish Funerals