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August 10, 2016

Memorial Service for Dad

Memorial Service for Dad

Our Story

Dad didn’t want a funeral. He made it quite clear to all the family that he wanted a direct cremation with no service. He wanted his ashes scattered out on the farm up on the hill overlooking the house. Instead of a service we decided to have a gathering and an ashes scattering tribute. This is our story. Memorial Service For Dad

7 ways to remember the man we loved

  1. Dad loved nothing better than a family picnic and a cold beer with mates. We decided to invite family and friends over to “Remembering Dad Picnic” on the farm.
  2.  We created an informal gathering with his favorite country an western music playing.
  3.  Instead of the traditional eulogy, those who wanted, offered a toast and a bit of a speech the the man we loved.
  4. We set up areas around the gathering with photos, his tractors and a table with the assortment of hats he wore including his favorite tattered ones he refused to throw out.
  5. We placed Dad’s ashes where he wanted them scattered. We then planted a tree in his memory.
  6. Everyone was given a card to write their own memories of Dad. These will be placed in an album for his grandchildren and for future generations.
  7. My sister gathered Dad’s shirts and made each family member a “shirt cushion” as a remembrance keepsake of our father.
So many came up to us after the memorial service for Dad and commented on what a lovely send off Dad had. We captured his personality down to a tee – from the music, the food, the tributes and toast to the man we loved – every part captured the essence of our father. He would have been proud. It gave us great comfort and release to know we were able to honour Dad in this way and to also honour his wishes. We have lasting memories in place for future generations from the planting of the tree, to the memorial cards and the keepsake cushions my sister made. Each one played a special part in making the memorial service for Dad personal and meaningful.

Feel Free to share your memorial ideas in the comments below.

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