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December 26, 2013

Non-religious Funeral

Non-religious funeral – Humanist Funeral

The death of someone we love no matter what their belief or culture is about honouring, remembering and reflecting. For the non-religious person this is no different. They were and will always be a part of your life. It is important to respect and reflect their individuality and the legacy they have left. The funeral directors and celebrants at Cherish Funerals are able to guide family and friends through the process of organising and conducting a befitting farewell for a non-religious funeral or memorial service. The focus of a non-religious or humanist funeral is on the person who has died and their legacy. There are many ways to create a beautiful service.
  • Choose their favourite music – music that will remind you of who they were and what they meant to you.
  • Cherish Funerals can put together a DVD of photo memories (a pictorial life sketch) of the person’s life
  • In the eulogy talk about their unique qualities, favourite sayings, hobbies and achievements.
  • Open up a time of tributes from family and friends who wish to share memories
  • Choose a poem or reading befitting to your loved one
Your celebrant from Cherish Funerals will be able to guide and assist you through selections. The Non-religious funeral does not need to be held in a traditional church or chapel. There are many alternative venues available
  • The commercial crematorium chapels. There is a wide range of crematorium chapel options throughout the greater Brisbane Region, the Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast.
  • Cherish Funerals also have a great working relationship with alternative chapel and garden settings. Many of these are used as Wedding Venues on the weekends but are also available for use as funeral venues. The beauty of this is that they are very well equipped for funeral services, have quality catering options, are cost effective and do not restrict the funeral time to a ½ hour service which is the expectation of the commercial and council run crematorium chapels.
  • Cherish Funerals are increasing conducing funeral and memorial services in the family home or garden setting. This is an intimate and cost effective option for either the non-religious funeral or memorial service.
  • A memorial service without the coffin present can be held at any venue of your choosing. This maybe a parkland or beach setting, at your loved one’s favourite coffee shop or pub, the golf club or bowling club. Cherish Funerals are able to guide you in choosing a venue that will aptly reflect the person who has died.
There are many ways to personalise a funeral or memorial service through symbols, eulogies, photos, venues, printed service sheets, the choice of coffin and flowers. Our role at Cherish Funerals is to advise and assist in creating a beautiful service in honour of your loved one. Do not hesitate to contact us on 1300 854 363 at any time to seek advice.
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