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No Service Cremations

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How Direct Cremation Works

No Service Cremations are also known as Direct Cremations. Simply, this is doing everything that needs to be done for a cremation to fulfill all legal requirements but in a caring and professional manner.  The ashes are returned to you and you may remember and celebrate your loved one however suits you best.

Your first step is to contact us directly to organise transfer of the deceased from their place of death to our mortuary facility.

Then we make a time to meet, either in person or over the phone, where we will go through all the details and sign the necessary paperwork.

Most of the data needed can be found in our planning guide here.

For a direct cremation we encourage you to create a tribute or eulogy to share with friends and family as a memory of your loved one.

You may privately organise a Memorial service in remembrance of your loved one or for scattering their ashes.  You can do this in a style that reflects your loved one and is comfortable for you. Please see our Memorial Service options if you would like us to assist you with making these arrangements.

Please use the below cost calculator if you wish to receive an immediate estimate of cremation costs.